Why would Begum Khaleda Zia postpone the strike?

People with swaying political affiliation are criticizing BNP chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia for not postponing the declared 60 hours long strikes. But I can not understand their logic:

(1) Mr Inu had been marketing that Sheikh Hasin would make a phone call to Begum Zia since last wednesday. Begum Zia declared the program on Friday evening and Sheikh Hasina have made the call even after 24 hours. Is it a sign of good will?

(2) How one can expect that Begum Zia would happily agree to meet and dine just after getting a phone call, even wrapped with imperfect approach, from Sheikh Hasina? The main agenda between these two is ‘neutral election time government’. Have Hasina brought a single word in an anticipation of that issue?

(3) Since Friday, its already 15 people of 18 party coalition killed by Awami activists and law enforcing agencies till Saturday. So how a leader of that coalition can go for a dinner by stepping over the bloods of the 15 poor people?

(4) Its nothing to give the ‘hartal’ statistics again; which party is in top to call strikes? Apart from them countless soberness are shown by BNP led coalition in the last more than 4.5 years. Then how more to expect?

(5) Finally, even two days back Sheikh Hasina used abusing word for Begum Zia’s family and so like most often. So can just a phone call wipe out all the indecent behavior of Sheikh Hasina?

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