Hasina Khaleda Telephone Duet- Who is the winner?

Who won the kaijja jhhogra debate dialogue ?

A BNP supporter will say Madam won. Hasina lost.

An AL supporter will say Apa lost. How a soft spoken Apa can win jhhogra with that loud voiced Khaleda.

A Shahbagi ulukhagra will say Khaleda lost – Hasina won and definitely Jamaat Razakars won (in default).

A technical analyst may think it is the telephone bug that tapped Khaleda’s phone and resulted in Khaleda’s voice sound louder may be the ultimate winner.

What do I think? Khaleda is the loser Because  rudeness is not Khaleda Zia’s trademark – that used to be Hasina’s trademark. Mrs. Zia made Hasina sound milder softer. But in my POV, ultimate losers are HT Imam and Shahbagis who started jumping on a lie of HT Imam.

Who you think is the winner?

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