Questions for Joy

The son of honorable PM Mr. Joy has come across some evidence ( regarding the involvement of the arrested Leaders. I will not dignify his comments with a rational response. Instead I will pose the following questions, which to me are more rational:

1. He has evidence of incidents that dates back to September 24th but even with months of gathering ‘evidence’, he did not present them in CMM court on Saturday. Why should he not be detained and questioned by Detective Branch (DB) of Bangladesh for withholding evidence and obstructing Justice?

2. How did he come across such vital evidence? What gives him the authority to conduct such investigation and acquire ‘evidence’ that the DB failed to present? Is he a government official and does he have legal access to certain information? Why should he not be detained and questioned by DB to reveal his sources? Clearly being son of prime minister is not a qualification that can shield him from being questioned. And if he gathered evidence through illegal means, why should he not be tried in court?

3. Is it possible that he manufactured evidence to entrap the top most opposition leaders? He being non-elected civilian is accusing former and current elected representatives of the people, who have combined vote of few hundred thousands. Why should he not be detained for conspiracy and defaming the leaders- in the process hurting hundreds of thousands of voters? Putting people in prison for defaming facebook status is a reality in Bangladesh. What makes Mr Joy immune from it?

4. Is it possible that Mr Joy has either fully or partially orchestrated the series of bomb attacks and arson? It seems painting the opposition as terrorists is the best way to delegitimize their cause. If the leaders are arrested for plotting, with the same line of reasoning, why should Mr Joy not be arrested for plotting and entrapping opposition through arson and violent attacks?

The statements of Mr. Joy only shows how typical his political rhetoric is. Instead of rising above the flock of mentally decapitated fellow party men, he joins the conspiracy of clowns. With enemies like this, who needs friends?

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