Is this the only way the people can have their say?

Intro: EC has announced election schedule without any compromise between the two parties.  particularly, opposition BNP is concerned with the partisan set up.  polls suggest that 80-90% agree with BNP’s demand.  within 24 hours of EC’s announcement, there has been protests around the country.  the govt is trying to maintain an appearance of stability in Dhaka, and mainstream media is either complicit or cowed into not reporting the truth.  this post highlights a few incidences of nationwide protest.
There cannot be no condoning of the violence and deaths taking place everyday. But one must also understand the context. We are essentially going through a hot and cold war where the two warring parties are trying to deny each other victory. Even the suave and civilized foreign interlocutors have essentially gave up trying to mediate and said the people of Bangladesh will decide their future. Is this the only way we can decide our future?
5 die on 2nd day of 48-hour blockade
Deadly clash in Rajshahi, 50 including city mayor injured


In Mymensingh, 120 km north of Dhaka, there were explosions in front of the residence of Mrs Rowshan Ershad — wife of former president HM Ershad, a minister in the AL-led coalition government.

Roads were blockaded and cars burnt in the port city of Chittagong.

The highway was blockaded in Dinajpur, 360km north of Dhaka.

Explosions rocked the Chief Election Commissioner’s Dhaka residence.

Explosions and fires around the capital, including the Dhaka University. Shots were fired at a rally of the ruling Awami League. A local office of Jatiya Party, junior partner in the governing coalition, was burnt.

Over 50 were injured in sustained clashes in Rajshahi, the largest northern city.

Around 25 shot by police around the country.

Police kills one in Comilla, 60km east of Dhaka.

Police under attack in Bogra, 200km north of Dhaka.

Cars burnt in Habiganj, 170km north east of Dhaka.

Cars burnt in Laxmipur-Dhaka highway southeast of the capital.

Cars burnt in Khulna, the largest southern city.

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