Where Are We Heading?


By Sabuz Khan

Since the 1947’s India-Pakistan separation – West Pakistan imposed Urdu as the official language of East Pakistan and proposed to write Bengali in Arabic scripts. Fuelling outrage amongst the people, where the majority (54%) speaks in Bengali, leading to a country-wide Language Movement outcry and criticism. Pakistan finally decided to recognise Bangla as the second official language in 1956, followed by the major protest in 1952. The thought of having an independent country has started since then.

What a wonderful language. Many have given lives; you’re familiar with some of them. Now we speak Bengali (some speaks Hingli*) – and proudly celebrate 21st February every year.

India is a passing craze! Indian TV channels are getting increasingly popular in Bangladesh, influencing the country’s culture and lifestyles. Bangladesh pays hefty annual subscription fees of appx. BDT 1,706,532,410, whereas Bangla channels are banned in India.

Bollywood songs are played in Bangla serials & movies, including the concerts paying tribute to the national events days. People happily use Hindi terms/words in their daily conversations and Social Medias. Non-resident Bangladeshis’ shamelessly speaks in Hindi/Urdu. National politics itself is far involved with India, than any time before!

The idea is pathetic. We have given lives to earn our independence from one country – now handing over ourselves to another.

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