Awaiting a Cassandra moment


by Mohammad Zaman

However loathsome they are, the matter of fact still remains germane that the two bickering ladies remain the sole arbiters of power in Bangladesh. Like her predecessor the sitting Prime Minister wields unfettered muscle even beyond her constitutional ambit. If desired she has the chance to undo even the most difficult of the Gordian Knots.

But the million dollar question is – does she has the desire … or does she still has the unfettered power she once had, for we know, political entropy has a life of its own.

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman once famously posited that he is surrounded by thieves. Such dawning was not followed by effective executive measures. If that was done, our history possibly would not have been so incarnadine. Well, following the widespread destruction of the infrastructure and an empty exchequer, he did not have the best hands to play well. However, things are different now. Bangladesh no longer is a bottomless basket. Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh are achieving international acclaim. Muhammad Yunus and Fazle Hasan Abed stand out – but there are thousand others.

Competent, smart and well educated Bangladeshi abounds both at home and abroad. They are the real engine of economy that, for lack of right governmental vision, continues to lumbar forward in struts and frets. A dream of joining the club of other Asian Tigers is yonder – separated only by the lack of a visionary leader.

For us, the chemistry is ripe. Although our Prime Minister has squandered five-years worth of time and even more of political capital – she, or her absence thereof, still remains the only option left. At this precipice, not much time left to reign on her non-ideologue sycophants who never cared for the country to begin with. It is high time; she begin to listen to the outside voices of sanity and unleash the power of governmental juggernaut for the right causes.

If the story from the news outlets is right and if the AL-goons start their mop-up operation under the aegis of government outfits, eventual chaos shall supervene… and her high flying wings of irrational grandiosity is sure to melt like those of Icarus…

Yes, the beautiful daughter of Priam was blessed with an ability to foretell and, at the same time, was cursed with a perpetual inability of being convincing enough. Or was it the stupidity of haughty politicians and macho warriors that lead to the disastrous consequence that befell on Troy?

But that was then when communication was not a cobweb surfed so easily. No, today there is no scope of such stupidity!

Nation voted for a change.
Nation voted for a Din Bodoler Ongokar.
Sheikh Hasina is bound by her promise.
Rightfully, nation deserves a Cassandra Moment.

Potsdam, New York 

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